Q. What do the words "Thriller" and "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride" have in common?

A. They are the song titles to 2 OCTOBER FLASH MOBS. weeeeeeee!

That’s right, there are TWO Flashmobs happening this October 2016 in Boulder!

Attend Boulder Flash Mobs in October
October is when we tap the bricks on Pearl Street in costume, and positively disrupt our worlds with music and joy. This year will be our 6th Halloween Flash Mob so anticipate even more “wildly abandoned” dance enthusiasts to attend. In addition to this tradition, you are invited to dance in a surprise birthday party flash mob next weekend.

Our Mission

Boulder Flash Mob organizes and leads family-friendly Flash Mobs to provide a positive interruption in the lives of people in our community, waking them up to the joy of the present moment through music and dance. Using music and dance, we turn ordinary events into comedy shows that ensure everyone is paying attention.