Hire Us!

Do you love a good surprise or, rather, know someone else who does?!? Well, have we got one for you. Boulder Flash Mob is proud to present our new Comedy Flash Mob.

What is a comedy flash mob, you ask? That’s the best part. It’s whatever you want it to be! Have you ever watched a hidden camera show and thought “it would be so much fun to do that to (ahem, i mean “for”) someone? Well, now’s your chance!

Everyone knows comedy can be good for a laugh, but for anyone whose been (lovingly) pranked before, they know a good comedic surprise that’s about and for YOU can be down-right unforgettable, deeply therapeutic and, of course, a whole lotta fun!

Here’s an idea of what we can do for you:

The “WTF?!?”

As the name gracefully implies, this one is a surreal shock to the ol’ system. Our creative director, former hollywood comedic actor, Anand Vadehra, puts on a fake stand-up comedy show at a local venue. You escort your Comedy Flash Mob victim to the show, where you both sit and watch, expecting to hear a few yucks and move on. But wait, something strange happens… Do you remember those fun stories growing up where some of the words were missing and you had to fill in the blanks? They were called “Mad-Libs”. Well, Anand will announce to the crowd that he wrote one and would like them to shout out words to finish the story. Our crowd, including you and your about-to-be-comedy-flash-mobbed loved one, will participate, of course. But then, the story will be about (you and) your loved one — and they’ll never see it coming! But how will Anand know what to write about? He’ll interview you ahead of time and find out, well, everything — that’s how! This is a wonderfully unique way to surprise someone special for their birthday, anniversary or just as a super awesome random way to tell them “you’re worth setting all this crap up for!”. The cool thing is, like a regular song-and-dance style flash mob, the finished product only takes a total of 5 or 10 minutes and the crowd will be in on it the entire time! The whole thing will be filmed and given to you to enjoy for forever and ever. And ever!

The “Heckler and The Hero”

Ok, listen up. This is important. Do you know someone who might love to play the hero? I mean someone who, if given the chance, will stand up and shine? Someone who really cares and will fight for the underdog? In this scenario, Anand also plays a standup comic at a local venue. You and your loved one enter and that’s when the fun begins. An actor planted in the audience will start to heckle Anand. Eventually, Anand will try to get him back but will fail — miserably. He will get off stage and talk to his “manager,” appearing on the verge on tears. The heckler will get on stage, take the mic and keep heckling Anand — just destroying him! Another actor planted in the crowd will come talk to you and your loved one commiserating about how sad this whole thing is. They will urge your loved one to confront the heckler. Until they do, more and more shenanigans will take place (we’ll have a whole team of actors there ready to raise the stakes further, if need be). If it comes down to it, we’ll even have the heckler get YOU (and who knows, maybe you’re deranged enough to even prefer that)! Whatever it takes, we’ll make sure you’re loved one stands up and fights this terrible injustice! And when they do, Anand will count 1-2-3 and everyone in the crowd will say, “Gotcha!”. Or “Bazinga!”. Or “Ha! Sucka!”. Or something to that effect. Bottomline: It will be filmed. It will be unlike anything else you or your loved one have ever experienced — and — it will be epic.


Time to visit or local dispensary or do some theta meditation to clear your conscious mind ‘cause you gotta find your funny. I mean it’s gotta be somewhere down there, right? Ok, what? Sorry, I probably should have written this first — this is where YOU come up with the scenario! Don’t worry, Anand will work with you to make sure it all makes sense and won’t be the most un-funny thing ever created. Here, all bets are off. This will be a straight up prank. You will have access to our whole team of actors and production people and of course the whole thing will be filmed. It can involve a fake stand up show like the scenarios above or can take place on the street or in a private location or well –wherever. Have fun with it. We just gotta keep it legal (-ish). Opportunities like this are rare (unless you hire us over and over again, in which case they become less and less rare).