Let us positively interrupt your day.

We are creative designers of play and we promise to positively interrupt your day with dance and music.

Dances are learned live and/or at home. Learning the dance steps live happens by attending a local gym or dance space where players are lead through the steps much like an aerobics class or dance class.

For at-home learning, we provide a training video that will be posted on this site allowing players to learn in the privacy of their home at their own pace wherever they have a computer or internet connection.

Our performances tend to occur during on or around  holidays at public places where large groups of people gather, such as shopping malls or walking street malls. Flash Mobbers learn dances choreographed and taught by local talent such as dance instructors and yoga teachers. Like a fiery volcano, dancers erupt out of nowhere spreading love-in-action dance moves that cause a delightful and playful interruption to an otherwise regular day.

You can hire Boulder Flash Mob to entertain nearly any crowd anywhere, anyhow; in a dance, theater, using improvisation, singing, original compositions, comedy, and performance art.

Our Mission

Boulder Flash Mob organizes and leads family-friendly Flash Mobs to provide a positive interruption in the lives of people in our community, waking them up to the joy of the present moment through music and dance. Using music and dance, we turn ordinary events into comedy shows that ensure everyone is paying attention.